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Two Pesos Signature Stone Pot 


Stonepot steaboat originated from Taiwanese 70‘s steamboat culture, after going through innovative research and development by Two Pesos dedicated team of soup chef, the newly evolved Two Pesos Signature Pot has always been our top seller around the world. With the specialized stages cooking techinique, you will always say yes to our healthy yet tasty and mind blowing Two Pesos Signature Stone Pot .


  • FOUR Stages Cooking Technique:

  • 1. Heat - Pouring traditional white sesame oil in the heating hotpot while the oil is gliding over the bottom of the hotpot.

  • 2. Fry - Frying the combination of luscious onion chopped green onion, garlic and fresh sliced meat while letting their fragrant and sweeties

  •     outflow little by little.

  • 3. Aroma - During the stir-frying process, heating of onion and sesame oil create spreading of savory aromatic.

  • 4. Cook - Combination of tasteful soup, sweeties of fresh slices meat, fresh vegetables, seafood and meatballs create the delicacy of Two Pesos.






Two Pesos Ceramic Pot


Caramic Hotpot is made by the high grade natural pottery clay under high temparature of firing. It absorbs thermal uniformly and enduringly. On to of that, it is able to preserve the original taste of the food during the heating period, and keep the fragrant of soup itself.







Brand New Experience with Tajine Hotpot


Water is a scarce resource in northern Africa. Tajine pot was then created to allow the Moroccans to enjoy refreshing soup by preserving the moisture and juice of the ingredients with great thermal and steam circulation trapped in the lid after heating up. Tajine Seafood Pot by Two Pesos is further enhanced with specially tailored ingredients and natural spices to bring you the original and perfect seafood freshness experience.







Cook Diligently & Affectionately

  • Unbeatable Appetizing

  • Insists to serve you the best steamboat with 'Creativity', 'Aromatic', Tasty', 'Nutritious & Affortable' efforts.

Soup Research & Development Awards Winning Chef vs. Ingredients

Two Pesos soups are invented by a dedicated team of experts lead by the golden awards winning chef, Ben Chen. Our honorable top chef is experienced in starred-hotel as management chef, he is also the lecturer of culinary art in universities. Ben has represented Taiwan to participate in many culinary competitions, with his outstanding talent, he won a lot of prizes and gained his reputable status in the world of F&B.






Original Taste, the Meaning of Food

Ben Chen always believes that cooking skill is not the main fact that affect the taste, the key is the understanding of different material by attribute and the ability of the chef to present the ‘meaning’ of the food.


Our awards winning chef team will never stop the effort on the research and developmrnt on soups, picking the best quality raw materials. We hope that every single pot that we serve is the best pot that you ever taste.