Our Story



The name of Boracay is derived from the word French, Paradise, surrounded by crystal clear water and clean white sand. It geographically forms a beautiful long beach which deserves the name ‘Paradise’.



Where the Story Begins


In 2005, my wife and I met at Boracay, where our love story began. This beautiful beach had totally changed our lives. In 2006, we decided to end our office working life and start-up with our own F&B business. We got ourselves involved in this field because of the passion that we shared in making the food and beverages which please people. After undergoing some trials and errors, we finally met our great nobleman, who inspired us a lot in starting up our own F&B business.

Ben Chen, our current honorable top chef is an award winning chef. He was an experienced chef in a few Five Stars Hotels, served as a management chef and also the lecturer of the Culinary Arts in a few of the Universities. He had represented Taiwan to participate in many culinary competitions. With his outstanding talents, he won a lot of prizes and gained his status in the world of F&B. After few times of sincere invitation, he finally agreed to be part of our team to succeed our International Brand Chain restaurant. Chef Chen plays an important role in our team in inventing new recipes and quality control. Nevertheless, we are ready to emerge ourselves in the F&B market with the collaboration with our Chef Chen.

After two years of preparations, we decided to set up our own brand in 2008. At the same time, we brainstormed on what was the brand name which would best match with our restaurant. Ideas popped up out of the blue when I saw two coins in my drawer during the brainstorming session. It was the pesos that I kept for memories during our trip to Boracay. Hence, we decided to name our brand as “TWO PESOS”.




‘Two Pesos’ is about two ordinary individuals chasing after their business dreams, each and every ordinary people deserves to have their own dreams too.
‘Two Pesos’ can also be defined as a concept of a low cost yet tasty food which worth for the value and satisfaction.

Towards the end of 2008, Two Pesos first restaurant at New Taipei Town had started business, we received good responses from the customers and well acceptance from the crowd.




We believe in gathering all the ordinary people with aims and passions, we help them to create and succeed in their own extraordinary business together. And together, we raise the awareness and the sense of appreciation on the Taiwanese hotpot culture.




Brand’s Concept


Three Main Philosophies of Two Pesos :

‘Affordable Price ’ - Position ourselves in the market with our constant affordable pricing.

‘Innovation’ - Sustain our creativities which differ from other brands.

‘Value for Money’ - “Bang for your Buck”, make sure our customers enjoy their quality steamboat at the best value for money.




Oriental Style Fast Food


We are positioning ourselves as the oriental style fast food. Hence, we are not only selling our steamboat at a fair rate, but we are transforming the traditional Taiwanese steamboat by running it in the current modern way, ameliorate it into more attractive and span-new hotpot restaurant. It was the revolution of the Taiwanese steamboat market after the launching of Two Pesos Hotpot at the end of 2008. It had gone through total change from the traditional steamboat market. Meanwhile, the market had fallen into the war era of the hotpot restaurant. Imitation between peers was all over Taiwan. Since established, we had pledged to be the best steamboat restaurant in town by providing the best quality product plus the best service to our value customers, otherwise we would never suffice to our current state of achievement in this competitive market.




The Rise of 5 Senses: Colour, Aroma, Taste, Style & Food Presentation


In the field of food & beverage, ‘Colour’, ‘Aroma’, ‘Taste’, ‘Style’ and ‘Food Presentation’ are the vital elements to form mouthwatering delicacies. For instance, the function of the steamboat are not merely for the purpose of cooking and serve as a container, its uniqueness and functionality in food presentation is one of the unique elements.




Together We Create A Remarkable Steamboat Business that seems easy yet complicated


Steamboat business is always seen to be at entry level within the F&B industry. It does not require any redundancy skills in the operation.
Being creative and innovative in all aspects is the key to become a leading steamboat business in prevention of the imitation of competitors.

Two Pesos is proven to be one of the outstanding franchise branding in Taiwan. With the established operating system and innovative yet attractive business strategies, Two Pesos is now leading the fair-price steamboat market in Taiwan. Hence, joining Two Pesos could be your way to begin your footstep in the F&B industry! Welcome to Two Pesos Family, let’s create the remarkably fair price yet mouthwatering steamboat business together.